Diamond Eternity Ring Types


The simplistic design of eternity rings allows for fewer variations in design than traditional engagement rings and wedding bands. However, couples do have some choice in style, setting, metal type, and shape as well as other characteristics reflecting personal preferences.

Couples can choose from the two primary diamond eternity ring types, full circle, and half circle bands made from various metals. White gold bands are particularly popular right now. The full circle bands have diamonds encircling the entire bands while the half circle bands have diamonds encircling only half of the band. In many cases couples prefer the half circle bands because of comfort reasons. (Having a full circle of diamonds on an eternity ring can press against the finger and palm of the hand in some cases.)

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Diamond Eternity Ring TypesSince the nature of the design requires the stones to be placed very closely together, compact smaller stones are the most popular. Round, emerald, and princess cuts are the most popular cuts chosen for the rings because the cuts allow for the stones to be placed closely together.

Larger stones can be used on half circle eternity rings more easily but larger stones add more weight to the ring and increase the price. Most customers prefer the smaller stones because they look better and are priced better.

Because full eternity rings have stones around the entire finger, only smaller gems can be used for comfort. Half-eternity rings can use slightly larger stones, but large carat weights may start to resemble three stone rings or bridal sets rather than bands. Because of the number of stones used in eternity bands, the total weight of the band may be far greater than traditional engagement rings, and in order to make rings more affordable many consumers prefer smaller stones.

The Factors Involved in Pricing

Eternity rings vary in cost. The most common range appears to be between a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The major factors that influence price include:

  • Type of Metal (white gold and platinum are most expensive)
  • Quality of the Stone
  • Size of the Ring
  • Alternative or Synthetic Gemstones

Despite using smaller stones, or stones of a lower quality eternity rings will generally cost more than traditional engagement rings or wedding bands. The rings are also usually customized causing the price to be significantly more than other types of rings. Couples often opt for half circle eternity rings in order to save money without sacrificing beauty. Another tactic couples use is encircling the band with stones not as closely set together as traditional eternity rings.

Where to Purchase

RockDoc.com offers some of the lowest prices online for diamond eternity rings however we understand that some people like to hold jewels in their hand before they purchase.  Most jewelers carry variations of eternity bands. Store models usually have synthetic diamonds to save production costs but couples can examine different ring styles and discuss the design and other options before manufacturing the ring. Independent designers and chain stores generally carry similar selections although chain stores may offer more reasonable pricing options.