Diamond Eternity Ring


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RockDoc.com is currently spotlighting the diamond eternity ring which is gaining popularity with shoppers old and young. Diamond eternity rings were first conceptualized by the diamond merchant De Beers, reportedly as a method for unloading it’s huge quantities of smaller diamonds. The slogan was creative, almost a taunt aimed at men who’d been married ten years or more, “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.” Initially eternity rings were marketed exclusively for women, but in recent years eternity rings have been created for men as well. RockDoc.com features a wide selection that is well suited for a variety of loved ones in your life.

The rings are usually made of precious metals like gold and platinum. Usually small stones encircle the rings completely although some rings have stones set only halfway around the band. Although diamonds are most commonly used for eternity rings, other stones are used as well.

When Do You Give the Gift of Eternity?

Diamond Eternity RingEternity rings were designed to be a beautiful and elegant testimony of love and affection. Gifting these rings to celebrate a tenth anniversary or other momentous occasions is a wonderful idea. These rings are symbols of the lasting qualities couples look for in their relationships. The rings are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

In recent years eternity rings have become commonly used in wedding bands. The rings are also sought after by couples who are looking to upgrade their current wedding bands, after becoming more financially stable than when they were first married. Although they do make excellent anniversary rings just for this reason, there are no rules demanding that couples wait until an anniversary to give each other one of these rings.

There are many other occasions that make great opportunities to show one’s undying love to a loved one. The birth of a first child is a special occasion dear to one’s heart. Giving an eternity ring to your wife on such an occasion is not only appropriate but very desirable. Heavily anticipated job promotions are also wonderful occasions to give eternity rings especially if a couple has worked and sacrificed for quite some time to achieve the job.

Eternity Rings Aren’t Just for Engaged or Married Couples

Being timeless, these rings should have no limitations because love never does. RockDoc readers should know that eternity rings can be given to loved ones no matter what the relation. All that is required is enduring and eternal love.

Mothers can receive these rings from their children. Usually the rings feature the birthstones of all the children she’s raised whether adopted or biological. This ring is a wonderful symbol of the timeless love present between mothers and their children.

The rings are also presented to children from parents during momentous times like graduation from high school or college. The ring becomes a symbol of intense love and pride felt by one’s parents at the child’s accomplishments.

Cost Should Never Be an Issue

It’s not necessary to spend a small fortune on an eternity ring, you can still buy a quality ring for less depending on what sort of options you desire. The size and quality of the stones will obviously affect the cost of the ring. The number of stones encircling the ring and whether they extend halfway or entirely around the band will also determine the ring’s price. If you’re looking for a ring set with diamond stones, but price is an issue, you can choose to have the ring set with smaller stones encircling the band only halfway. In many cases rings are set halfway because having them around the entire band can cause discomfort to some wearers.

Wearing Eternity Rings

It varies but women usually choose to replace wedding bands or engagement rings with an eternity ring instead of wearing all three. Great care should be taken when wearing these rings alongside other rings as the various prongs may scratch other pieces of jewelry. The rings are usually delicate and should be removed prior to performing household chores, sports, and any other activities that might cause the ring to be damaged or lost.

A Word of Warning

Buyers should be wary when purchasing diamond eternity rings. If the price seems to be too low for the stone’s size, use care. In some cases merchants will set a real diamond as a primary stone with these rings and encircle with smaller stones that appear to be diamonds but are not. RockDoc.com screens for such practices and only allows the most trustworthy merchants to advertise their products on the site.